Sound Clips

Here are a just few sound clips from songs I have arranged, played, and/or music directed.  For more samples, please also visit the Videos tab above.  

All material is for reference purposes only, and is not to be reproduced, recreated or redistributed.  Thank you.

Winter Song - Harmony France and Danni Smith, vocals
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Goodnight, My Someone - Jennifer T. Grubb, vocals
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Floyd Collins exit music - at Columbia College Chicago
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Each year, the Chicago theatre community comes together to create Season of Carols, a benefit CD for Season of Concern.  I had the pleasure of working with them in 2016 on Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson's Winter Song.  Firebrand Theatre's Harmony France and Danni Smith sang.  I music directed and accompanied on piano, ukelele and glockenspiel.

I accompanied my dear friend Jennifer T. Grubb on a children's CD, Songs for Tots.  This track is Goodnight, My Someone from The Music Man.

One of my favorite experiences at Columbia College Chicago was music directing Floyd Collins.  This is a recording of our band's exit music for the show, recorded from the drum kit by the wonderful and multi-talented Nick Davio.