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Arrangement Samples

Here are a few samples of pieces that I have adapted or arranged.  Cinderella, Gilbert & Sullivan, and the Bluegrass piece were all created specifically for actor-musicians.

This material is not to be reproduced, recreated or redistributed in any way.  Thank you.


For Northlight Theatre's Songs for Nobodies, I created arrangements based on famous recordings by five iconic divas to be performed by Bethany Thomas and a three-piece pit.  This is a small sample.  

String Trio

I arranged Cyndi Lauper's song True Colors for a string trio (two violins and cello) playing a wedding ceremony.  


A selection from Pauline Viardot's  1904 operetta Cendrillon, which I adapted into a new musical about her life and work, entitled Cinderella at the Theater of Potatoes.


This is a portion of an arrangement of Dolly Parton's song and musical opening number 9 to 5 in a bluegrass style -- for guitar, mandolin, cello and fiddle.

Gilbert and Sullivan

A selection from Gilbert & Sullivan's Yeomen of the Guard, adapted in a country-western style for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

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