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Student Evaluation Quotes

"Work for the course was always necessary and useful... one of the most helpful and fun classes I've taken at Columbia."   


"Andra is always willing to help!  Everything she says is only to help you get better and prepare you for the real world.  She was able to cater to everyone's learning style, and ultimately everyone was successful."

"This class was everything I could have asked for as a musical theater performer.  Building a book is one of the toughest things and Andra helped us start ours with grace and ease."

"Andra gave incredibly helpful and personalized feedback that made my performances better and inspired me to come in every week fully prepared and ready to learn."

“She creates a very warm, safe, and inviting space to learn and grow, and I appreciate her as a teacher and a person immensely.”

"I've really grown as an actor/singer through this class and I'll definitely take the things I learned in the class along with me through my career in the future. I would do it all over again if I could!"

"Andra does absolutely everything in her power to assure that we know how to best prepare for any type of professional audition..."

"This was my favorite class of the semester.  I learned soooo much and can't wait to apply it in the real world.  Very real teacher, approachable and honest.  Great class experience.  Thank you."

"Andra's workshop was incredible.  I walked away, not only with a book filled with songs for any audition, but with knowledge of the business, what to do and what not to do, and how to... go about an audition."

"This class is amazing."

"Wow.  This was the best class I have taken at Columbia... I wish I could repeat it every semester."

"LOVE THIS CLASS!!!  This class pushed me and helped me improve so much...The work was interesting and challenging.. I was told very clearly (but kindly) what I needed to work on..."

"This class is incredible and made me work hard to become a better performer."

"This was a great class.  It reminded me why I love Musical Theatre and reassured me that I have potential.  It was also challenging and forced me to work hard outside of class."

"Andra... taught me a lot of very useful and practical skills in class that I've been able to apply to my professional experiences.  Her teaching was invaluable."

"I look forward to this class every day and enjoy every second of it."

"This is such a useful class... I have gained a much better sense of work ethic approaching scene partners, monologues, and auditions in general.  This class definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone, which is great!"

"This class has a very professional yet safe setting.  My favorite thing about this class is that you can actually tell that the instructors care about this subject and have a very clear knowledge about what they are doing.  They push you to your limits to try and better you as a performer."

"One of the best and most useful classes I've taken at Columbia."

"This was my favorite class even though it was at 9am..."

"Andra... is quick to bring students to their full potential.  I don't know anyone who can do what she does better..."

"Andra is so patient and is wonderful at what she does... She is so helpful and really takes the time with each student."

"Such a wonderful class, with an amazing professor!... She is so kind and thoughtful and has helped me grow so much as a performer... SO grateful for you!" 

"... a wonderful, articulate, disciplined teacher." 

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